Thursday, August 6, 2009 the beginning...........................

In the beginning.......I was just trying to look into sound because I do music and wanted to know how the sound might be affecting people's bodies, emotions -- even their spirit. I had no idea where all of this would lead ( need a little ' twilight zone ' music here ) ! The ramifications are staggering as we free fall into the world of particles and sub-particles, frequencies, matter and anti-matter, all things seen and unseen. And in some amazing way, it all works together in this holographic existence we call life. The seen and unseen, the physical and spiritual all uphold each other from the " in the beginning, God created... ", perhaps even before. Who can know the mind of God ? 
Don't get me wrong..... by ' holographic existence ' I'm by no means discrediting the life we live in God as we navigate our physical surroundings by the leading of our spirit-man, ever searching for the truth and relationship with the One who created us. today Leslie set me up with this blog thing to try to articulate a bit for those interested in ' all things weird and wonderful ' in this world God created with us in mind. I thought I would start by just telling a bit of my story as God has led me, whether it be kicking and screaming or groping in the dark, on this journey into the ' spirit to spirit and deep to deep '. Only thing is -- I had NO idea just how deep this rabbit hole was, or I should say is ! It seems that I had no real grasp of what I was singing on my cd, Temple Dance, when I sang, " everytime I think I've found You, I find another door You're behind ". 

Day by day I will try to take you along the journey of past and present and even a bit of what is to come --- if you're interested, that is. And if not, well, save yourself the trouble and stop reading now. ha !